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iambeccagould is Back!

by Becca Gould Design

So, after a long month and a bit, my website is back online. Literally. Obviously it’s not 100% done, but it’s a million times better than having a broken site.

The Rebuilt Process

I wanted to be able to having a dynamic working website, but have the ability to build it from scratch and not feel restricted by themes since I knew what I was doing.

Plus, it was good practive for my web design and coding skills. And, of course, it’s fun to build something from scratch, especially a website!

My Experience with the Perch CMS

I’d be lying saying that this website was built completely from scratch. The front end was, but if you can believe it, the back end is managed by a CMS called Perch.

My teacher Dudley Storey recommended that I tried Perch out, and I’m really glad I did!

Right off the bat, Perch is not for everyone, especially for people who do not have any formal web development training under their belt (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, even PHP).

This particular CMS allows me to build sites from scratch, but have the functionality of a user-friendly database interface in the backend so that I can write articles on the fly without having to worry about formatting and such later on (since I created all the formatting and templates myself.)

It’s something I highly recommend to people who have the technical know-how of front end web design, but still was the content management aspect of it, especially for writing blog posts, managing portfolio pieces, even for simple, little content updates.