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It's Been 3 Months; What Gives Becca?

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So, as some of you have seen, I haven’t written a blog article since my return from Amsterdam at the end of July.

Don’t worry, I’m still alive and kicking. I’ve been more active on my social media channels these days (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) as that’s where most of my work has been happening on these days.

So, without further ado, here’s what’s I’ve been up to:

Designer Becca

International Avenue AGM Video

I had to put together a 5 minute video for my work’s AGM on November 22nd. Here’s the result:

Click Image Below to Watch the Video on YouTube International Avenue Clock

Make Some Noise for Mental Health: Year 3

I still can’t believe the campaign is going into its 3rd year! Here’s the promo video I created for this year’s campaign, which gave me a chance to get my feet wet in motion graphics and animation with After Effects:

Click Image Below to Watch the Video on YouTube Make Some Noise for Mental Health Logo

Photos, Photos, and More Photos

Here are some work and non-work related photos I have shot in the past few months:

International Avenue Clock at Sunset

International Avenue Sign at Sunset

Shaheed at Level Up on International Avenue

Trevor Hofbauer during the Mens 10K at Stewart Cup Cross Country Provincials

Melissa Jones and Emma Cook-Clarke in the Womens 6K at Stewart Cup Provincials

Teaching Myself PHP

I already have a basic understanding of the PHP language, but I am trying to self-teach myself beyond what I already know. There are lots of tutorials out there, but I went with The PHP Basics because it was straight forward, free, and I could understand the material being taught.

Social Media, Local Businesses, & Sports: Intavebrz, UCAC, and Kensington Running Room

I am currently managing a total of 4 social media presences these days: iambeccagould, intavebrz, ucactrack, and kensingtonrunningroom.

Athlete Becca

My Knee

My left leg is not back to 100% yet. Most of the stiffness in my knee is gone, but my left hip has become quite bruised. I’m still running, but mostly on the flat Bow River Pathways. I’m avoiding hills to give my hip the time to heal. The amount of sitting I do during my job doesn’t help with my left hip either.

Skipping Workouts. Literally. No Joke.

When the footing is sketchy or it’s cold outside, I’ve done a few skipping rope workouts at the gym, which has helped quite a bit with building the strength back in my lower left leg.

Winter Fun Runs

To help keep me motivated to run through the winter months, I signed up for some 5K Fun Run. These are the fun runs I’m doing for the remainder of 2016:

  • The Inaugural Beard Run 5K (Calgary)
  • 2016 Resolution Run (Calgary)

Sorry I haven’t been able to make this blog posts more of a monthly thing. I’m writing when I can.

Until next time, gotta run!