Becca Gould

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2016 Beard Run Shenanigans


So this past Saturday was the Beard Run 5K, an inaugural fun run event created by Gavin Grobbelaar. A total of 50 runners participated in the event.

The Cause

The primary cause was to raise awareness for mental health, especially for men.

I am a huge advocate for mental health and I strongly believe that it is just as - if not more - important than our physical health. So if you’re looking for a small. but fun run to participate in, then this race will definitely fit the bill.

How My Race Went

Despite my inconsistent running patterns due to my busy work schedule, the run itself felt strong and consistent, which I cannot complain about.

The Course

The course is flat and fast. You start at the Simmons building, head out and back on the Bow River pathways, then loop around St. Patrick’s Island and finish back where you started. (I will confess my GPS watch clocked in at 4.5km so the course isn’t exactly 5K, but for a fun run, it’s great.)

The Event As a Whole

Gavin did an amazing job organizing the event. After the race, everyone met up at the National on 10th for the beard competition, draw prizes, and social. Everyone received a complimentary beer and there were some pretty cool draw prizes to be won as well.

(I had my heart set on winning the beard grooming kit, but alas my hopes and dreams were dashed.)

Photos + Next Race

Here are some photos that I took this past weekend, featuring some of my running friends Krissie Eberhart, Tina Garstad, and Melisa Ferreira.

Beard Run Selfie

Tina's Epic Beard

My next race is Calgary’s Resolution Run on December 31st.

Until next time, gotta run!